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    I am a Server Admin looking for Job.

    Mastered at Apache and PHP server upgrading and downgrading, MedhaHosting can perform all the administrative tasks, required to keep your servers perform the best. Our management Team is certified and able to handle server cPanel and provide server support for many businesses. Formed with the expert engineers, we have the best workforce to work for you. Connecting relationship among clients is like connection servers as a bridge for long term benefits.

    Things we do the best are:

    • Server installation & configuration management
    • Initial server hardening & security updates
    • Server security auditing
    • Backup Configuration and Audit Backup
    • SSL Installation and configuration
    • Editing Mail Server Setup (exim + Courier-IMAP/dovecot)
    • FTP Server Setup (pure-ftpd/pro-ftpd). Google Apps Setup (DNS)
    • System Integrity Monitor(SIM). Server Monitoring. Server security
    • Upgrading and Securing Cpanel Server
    • Optimize and Secure Apache (HTTP) Server
    • Removal of unused Software and or Services
    • Old Log files removal. Mod Security Installation
    • PHP Securing. Checking Rootkit/Virus. Logs Analysis
    • Software Installations. Disk Space Usage recovery
    • Firewall Installation APF or CSF. Brute Force Detection Installation
    • Antivirus & Rootkit scanner installation
    • Virus Detection and Recovery
    • Protection from Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog
    • Kernel Patching. Malware Scanning. Virus Scanning
    • Hard Disk Performance Tweaking
    • Increase RAM Memory Efficiency
    • Creation and Deletion of whm cpanel accounts
    • Daily/weekly audits and backups
    • Old file(s) removal
    • Other Software Installation requested by customer
    • MySQL and server Optimization
    • Kernel Patching and Firewall Installation
    • ISP Configuration

    We have expertise in the cPanel Servers and providing support to our valuable clients is our topmost priority. Working on hundred and more cPanel servers, installed for multiple purposes, made us robust and proficient in dealing with technical support.
    We are loaded with all the tools that require mending your servers' security and configuration. As per your directions, our Disaster management and hacking investigation team deal with the disaster recovery and hacking remedies. Our experts save and recover all your lost data and also guide you with the directions for future protection of servers.Our managed whm cPanel support management team accessible 24/7 hours via live chat ticket and email

    Our priority is to respond within 30 minutes of receiving your support tickets with all the possible deliverables and resolution of the appeal. We have quality service management who are in your service 24X7 to value your precious time. The frequent and regular check of your server stability for ensuring server status and updating of the server patches as per requirements.

    MedhaHosting can help you with:

    • Troubleshooting unexpected system failure and backup errors
    • SSL and virus-oriented issues
    • Creating and disabling CPanel accounts
    • Name server Setup. Backup Restoration. Disk space issues
    • Server Log Monitoring. IP blocking and security related issues
    • MySQL optimization. TMP Directory Issues
    • Database and FTP related issue detection and resolution
    • Cron Job failures
    • SSL related issues
    • DNS related errors
    • Multiple Website Hosting issues

    If you own enough servers, we offer you with price complementary offers for bulk orders. We here carry with all commands in hand to maintain and update servers on regular basis to save sudden crash that can adversely affect your business. MEDHAHOSTING professionals implement the best server management best practices. Most of the time server crashes due to human error, but our practices deliver the best support as the savior of the deadlock.

    cPanel Server Patch Management
    To keep your server updated, our proactive server management service does unique stabilization procedure time to time for cross checking. This will help servers from load issues and unnecessary stoppage in your service. Our report management team builds reports and updates you with the same and even query if needed through email. We offer Server Security, optimization and monitoring of your essential servers from experts of our team members.

    We keep the followings updated, to help you sustain efficiently:

    • Operating System
    • Latest cPanel Version
    • New version Kernel Patches
    • All other software installed on the server
    • Antivirus
    • Firewalls

    Medha Hosting can do it all through the best server configuration management software, put to work. We deliver cPanle software installation and start-up services for your dedicated servers with simplified security patches, along with free server management software. Our team move according to through your server accounts to another as per the compliance and without any time delay.
    We are professional in cPanel management with sensible support time of ticket response. Our team delivers the valuable and hassle free IT server management services.

    cPanel User Management
    Medha Hosting understands the importance of user management and hence deploys experts to handle it. Our technicians can do every User management and IT server support task as you need:

    • Passwords, contact details and other security-related data
    • Language setting and e-mail account management
    • User management and custom services
    • Cron job for particular user

    We offer network and server support and host management services at no extra cost. Keeping your web servers high performance and high-variable is our priority. We have a catalogue of various server software Installation/ Supports/ Upgrades and server security. We install them for several security reasons and supports and performed a number of times as per request.
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