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    Forum Rules & Guidelines

    Please read before Posting

    To keep this forum clean, usable, and helpful to others a set of rules have been put together that we ask all forum members to comply to.

    Before you Post :

    • Consider the context of what you are saying. What meanings arise? Might they be defamatory? Try to put yourself in the position of potential plaintiffs.
    • Check who is identified. Just because you refer to someone by their CHT username doesn’t mean there aren’t people who know the real identity behind the user name.
    • Is your post adding any value to the discussion? Consider the benefits of posting against the risk of being sued for defamation; in any Court case, you will have to take responsibility for what you have said.
    • What defences might be relevant? If it is meant to be comment, ensure that it is clearly identified as such (for example by adding “In my opinion …” and that the facts on which it is based are stated or obvious). Try to focus on issues rather than personalities.
    • If you want to argue that the defamatory imputations are true, how will you prove it? Remember proof has to be to the stringent standards demanded by a court.
    Difference of opinions, debates and discussions are a part of communication, but we’d appreciate if it is carried out in a polite manner. A reply should not sound rude, insulting, targeted, personalized, inflammatory, combined verbal attacks etc. It’d be our decision to either restrict (temporary or permanent depending on the situation) users from posting onto the forums, and would not entertain any challenges to that.

    We expect our members to refrain from posting single worded or one liner replies merely with an intention to increasing the post counts. Meaningless & irrelevant replies to threads are ofcourse a big NO.

    Copy-Paste material would be deleted without notification. If a user keeps repeating this for more than three times, it might result in a permanent ban.

    Golden Rules at CHT :

    • Post in the right forum! You may have your post deleted if you post in the wrong forum!
    • Use descriptive Topic Subject. This will help others find what they want to read. Topics with bad Topic subjects maybe deleted!
    • Research your Post! Make sure you are not double posting, search the forum first most questions have been answered dozens of time before.
    • No trolling. Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to annoy people.
    • Personal Attacks. Criticise ideas, not people. Flaming will not be tolerated. This includes any material which is vulgar, defamatory, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, sexually oriented, or violates any laws.
    • No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material. This includes suggestive images, graphics, and comments.
    • Do not post links to warez, warez sites or sites with pornographic or objectionable content. Only link to sites that are for family viewing only.
    • Respect the privacy of others. Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission.
    • Each forum member may have only one account.
    • Do not use objectionable language.
    • Do not dig up old threads. If you want to continue an old discussion (older than 1 month), create a new thread and reference the old one in your post.
    • NO Spamming. No commercial posts or flooding the forum with useless content.
    • Message content. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages.
    • No Cap Locks. Please do not post messages with the subject or post all in capital letters, or your message will be deleted. Words all in capitals are not only annoying but are read 50% slower than normal writing.
    • Use English. This site is primarily an English language site so please ONLY post in English. Other languages can not be moderated and support question will not be understood.
    • Language used must be English.
    • Make use of search feature before starting any new thread to find relevant threads already started, if the thread already exists you can continue posting over there.
    • Start with new posts/threads in the most relevant category/sub-category of the forum.
    • Read the forum descriptions carefully before posting, not just the title, read the replied posts too.
    • Your post/reply should add value information towards the conversation.
    • Either you agree or disagree, explain why and suggest your views. Your response should add value towards the discussion.
    • If you find the information valuable and helpful you can value the member's post with "Thanks"

    • Do not post low quality posts with short content
    • Don't Create Fake Positive/Negative Reviews of hosts ( Shilling is STRICTLY prohibited )
    • Make a Very Long Thread Title
    • Do not post a question or any information that has been posted previously.
    • Do not copy from other sources such as websites, blogs or forums and paste into your reply box to answer. It's duplicated content so we will remove it immediately. (Except Special Offers and Marketplace, we can accept duplicated content for offers)
    • Do not post "Thank You", "Thanks For Useful Information", "Great Post, Thank You", "I agree with you", "Nice Article" or something similar repeatedly, messages to every person who answers your question or to every post you find useful.
    • "Thank You" Posts and Posts with short and useless content will be deleted without reporting. ( account will be reviewed and can be banned )
    • Do not promote your site or services in threads content, we do not allow self-promotion.
    • Do not create posts with nothing, if you are going to link to an article for example, give a summary of it, then link to it with asking question or feedback related to it.
    • Self promotion is not allowed unless it is through your sig link or on the paid sections of the forum.
    • No Adult Stuffs allowed, posts which contain adult, mature content or pornography, is strictly prohibited.
    • No personal attacks or anything else that could cause offense to somebody else. Keep the posts positive.
    • Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users, posts, sites, media, etc.
    • You may not use HTML code in your post.
    • Do not bump your thread by your replies, unless you have other members' replies on it.
    • Users never post under multiple names. Those doing so will be banned
    • Hijacking threads for any reason is not allowed and will not be permitted.
    • It is not allowed to post personal contact details of other people on the forum as this violates other peoples privacy rights.

    Signature :

    Signatures are allowed soon after you register. The Restrictions of Signatures are Discussed in the Membership Details.

    • You can use your affiliate links in your signature but no adult products/pharmaceuticals/MLM sites
    • You can use Links of your Business Website, Facebook page, Twitter Page, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest Page
    • Images are not allowed
    • Adult links are not allowed
    • Users abusing these rules will be warned or banned.

    Avatars :
    • Users are permitted to utilize a gallery avatar or to upload one of their own. User defined avatars are to be no larger than 130 pixels by 130 pixels, contain no image which attempts to portray the user as having an official status here (e.g. mimicking ranks or copying avatars of team members), and may not exceed 100 KB in file size.
    • Avatars are subject to the same conditions as posts with respect decency, etc.
    • Can make use of Personal Photo, Business Logo, Facebook/Google+ Profile Picture
    • Not Allowed any Not Safe for Work, Racist, Abusive, Hateful, Adult Pics
    • Users abusing these rules will be warned and/or may lose their avatar privileges.

    Hijacking Thread
    • Do not hijack people's thread/topic. This includes (but not limited to) purposely changing the subject, posting in someone's sales thread to offer your opinion (like "great design" or "unlimited hosting is a scam" when you have no intention of buying).

    Useless or/and Irrelevant Posts
    • Your posts are gonna get removed if you make irrelevant or useless.

    Promotions, Ads and Special Offers :

    • Promotions, ads, offers etc. which promote mlm/networking pyramid schemes, gambling, drugs and pornography

    • Sites that stream or allow downloading of copyrighted material, either directly or via 3rd party websites (TV Shows, Movies,Games.ect) are NOT tolerated under any circumstances.

    • Sites promoting ignoring The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act) a series of copyright laws effective in both the United States as well as internationally as the WIPO (World International Property Organization) are strictly prohibited. Any such offers found to have any relation to such areas will be removed immediately without warning. The user making posts that violate the forum rules are also subject to immediate ban from the forum.

    • Any deals made between members is at your own risk and as such this forum is not be held responsible nor will we get involved with disputes or legal matters between members.

    • This forum does not allow any type of deals involving fraudulent use of credit cards, banking details or identity theft, nor any other type of illegal products in the same manner. Such activities will mean an instant lifetime ban from the forum.

    • All outbound links are checked. Should such linked pages have the primary aim to either collect emails or promote products/services it will be removed without notice together with issuing an infraction or ban. Note: The exception are promotional offers which must be posted within the relevant section within the Advertising/Special Offers section.

    Moderation :

    • The administrators and moderators of CHT would try their best to keep any objectionable content off this forum, but it’d be highly impossible for us to review all messages every time.
    • The replies posted on this forum would be the views and opinions of the particular user and would have nothing to do with any members from CHT. No one from the CHT team would be held responsible for the content posted by authors over the forums.
    • By choosing to use the forum, you agree to abide by these rules and refrain from posting any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws.
    Bans :
    • Any speech and content posted by the users in the community (including but not limited to text, images, audio, video) shall not violate the relevant provisions of national laws and regulations and CHT forum rules.
    • Using Multiple Accounts, Shilling, Spamming making Abusive/Racist Remarks will lead to IMMEDIATE Ban.
    • Discussion of illegal activities and intellectual property violations are not allowed.
    • Users shall not post any news which fail to comply with the laws or infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.
    • We will not tolerate rudeness, profanity (or attempts to bypass profanity filters), insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts.
    • Any user who is determined by CHT Forum staff to be harmful to the forum community (via needless negative posting) may be temporarily banned for 90 days or more.

    FAQ's :

    Am I allowed more than one account?

    No, You cannot have more than one account at CHT. If you are banned from the forums, please do not create a new account. If you continue to create new accounts after you have been banned, your IP address will be blocked from the forums.

    What happens if I break a rule?

    If you break a rule, then you will either be warned or banned. A ban of your user account may either be temporary or permanent.
    The administrators and moderators also have the right to edit, delete, move or close any thread or post as they see necessary, without prior warning.

    What happens if I see a thread/post which has broken a rule?

    Please report the thread/post to the moderators or admin.

    Where can I find out who is in charge?

    The Forum Moderators are displayed in every Forum. If you have any more questions please reply to this thread and I will be happy to answer it.

    Why cant I place links?

    You need to have a minimum 15 posts , once you reach this requirement then you will be able to post links.

    Why have some of the words in my post been removed?

    Certain words may have been removed by the administrator. If your posts contain any censored words, they will be blanked-out or removed.

    Why the links are removed from the content?

    You are still not allowed to add any links, follow the guidelines carefully.

    Why I have got warning/infractions/banned?

    You have not followed the rules of CHT.

    Note : We reserve the right to modify these rules at any time.
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