Best Free Conrol Panels for VPS / Dedicated Server

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    Free Control Panels for VPS / Servers

    If you are running a VPS or a Dedicated Server, you must be looking for a Control Panel. Commercial options like cPanel are defiantly good, but for ordinary tasks, or the users are looking for low end machines and a free/cheap a way to manage their Servers, we have several good Open Source/Free Options.

    We are presenting the 6 most widely used and solid Control Panels which are a great alternative to cpanel and DirectAdmin.

    A. VestaCP :
    This is simply the best i have used. I personally prefer Vesta over other panels. Vesta has once click installation and has an awesome Mordern UI with all that you need :
    • Web Server
    • DNS server
    • Database Serverp
    • Mail Server
    • FTP Server
    • Nginx out of the box
    • SSL certificates & SNI
    • Wildcard support
    • Configuration Templates
    • DKIM support
    • Fast Backups
    • Easy update manager
    • System Monitoring
    • AntiSpam / Antivirus
    • WHMCS billing support
    Links :
    B. Froxlor : This is another control panel with a Clean UI. Froxlor includes several goodies like Web FTP , Advanced SSL etc.
    C. Ajenti : This is a beautiful , open source, web-based control panel that can be used for a large variety of server management tasks. It can install packages and run commands, and you can view basic server information such as RAM in use, free disk space, etc.
    D. WebMin : This is a tested and very reliable control panel. Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any modern web browser, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing etc.

    E. CentOS Web Panel ( CWP ) : CWP is a new control panel for centos based servers. I have found it to be relatively slow compares to other panels. But its reliable and it works.

    The CWP Includes :

    • Apache Web Server (Mod Security + OWASP rules optional)
    • PHP 5.4 (suPHP, SuExec + PHP version switcher)
    • MySQL + phpMyAdmin
    • Postfix + Dovecot + roundcube webmail (Antivirus, Spamassassin optional)
    • CSF Firewall
    • File System Lock (no more website hacking, all your files are locked from changes)
    • Backups (optional)
    • AutoFixer for server
    Links :

    6. Another worthy mention is KloxoMR. Mustafa has invested a huge effort in Kloxo and the new products seems reliable and patched. This is special edition (fork) of Kloxo with many features not existing on Kloxo official release (6.1.12+). This fork named as Kloxo-MR (meaning ‘Kloxo fork by Mustafa Ramadhan’)

    Download/Install : mustafaramadhan/kloxo
    Support : MRatWork Forum by Mustafa Ramadhan - Index
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    VestaCP has security issues. It used to be really good but better go with Webmin.
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    some are free control panel and some are reliable price control panel. and there are few control panel always they try to be at top position .among them one I started managing known as OVIpanel for VPS and dedicated servers.

    Main advantages provided by OVIpanel:
    • It has a smart dashboard
    • provided a better overview for Admin
    • It allows to create an unlimited account
    • can add multiple website at same control panel
    • From the file manager, you can easily upload, download and modify files on the server.
    Thank you
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    Another one is APNSCP. It has some really great security.
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