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    XiNiX™ : Rock Solid Web Hosting - Since 2005

    XiNiX™ InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. ® is an industry leader providing a wide array of Web Hosting Solutions and services tailored to meet the requirements of Individuals & new millennium Enterprises. XiNiX™ InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is a Registered Company ( Company ID : 045546 ) which specializes in Web Hosting, Server Solution, Managed Services VPS and E-mail Services.

    Our business is focused on keeping our technical support and customer service strong. Year by year we have continued to build and strengthen our company. XiNiX™ provides high quality services at an affordable prices. We are a dynamic organization comprised of a staff of technical and business experts who are committed to excellence & Best Quality Services.

    With so much overselling and playing with bandwidth and hardware quality in the industry these days, it's hard to find a dedicated and reputable hosting provider. We pride ourselves on providing unmatched support services and that's what our clients value about us. We Offer what you need the most : "Reliability with Uptime". We Don't Offer Huge/Unlimited Space, coz We Simply Don't Wanna Lie & Promise to Deliver You, What Doesn't Exist !

    Links :
    XiNiX™ : The 'X' Factors to Choose Us !


    1. Our Clients are Like Friends : We Understand and Care and Nourish these 'Friendships'.. Year.. after Year !

    Weather you are a novice and new to Hosting World , or a Professional , we love to maintain long term relationships with our clients. We understand that how important is to first build and maintain "trust" with the client. We not just employ the technology, but follow a philosophy to "help" clients to actually benefit from it. Simply put, we offer reliable hosting at the fraction of the cost of some of other hosts and and our customers see the difference in quality that a host committed to deliver its best.

    2. We are Reliable & Dependable (Since 2005 ) : We have been here for over 14+ Years !

    Web hosting business regularly witness new companies who provide services similar to each other, but its a well established fact that these "Summer Hosts" dont last long and dissapear within months or a few years. The hassle to change Web Hosts often costs more than what you save initially. XiNiX has been Operational since 2005. Its a Registered Company and a Legal Entity. We have served Thousands of clients and businesses and Hosting is our Core Focus. You can Trust the guys who have been delivering hosting solutions for over 1.5 Decades !

    3. With You.. For You - 24x7 : Rare..But if There are Any Problems... We are Quick to Respond & Resolve !

    Support remains the most paramount feature and demand of the clients. Once Hosted, its Important that clients' issues are addressed in a timely fashion. As a matter of fact the only thing that could possibly be regarded more reliable than our servers is our 24x7 support staff. We there for you As and When you Need Us. We will Fix them for you 24x7.

    Plus :

    • ★ 14+ Years in Business. We are a Reliable Entity with Proven Track Record.
    • ★ Full Value of Money with our Exclusive Offers & Unmatched Pricing
    • ★ 24x7 Rapid Support. Initial Reply : 30 Minutes ( Usually Under 5 Minutes ) , Resolution Time : 1 Hour.
    • ★ Unmetered 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Network Available
    • ★ Word class SLAs with Free Hardware Replacement within 4 Hours
    • ★ High I/O ( Upto 40 MB/s ) and High RAM ( Upto 8 GB per cPanel ) offered by very Few
    • ★ WordPress Optimized : LiteSpeed and LSCache Available for best Performance
    • ★ NO Setup FEE of ANY Kind , NO Hidden Fees , Fixed Prices on a Month-to-Month Basis
    • ★ Discounts are Recurring for Life ( The Discounted Price remains Fixed, Forever )
    XiNiX™ : Salient Features of Reseller Plans

    1. Your Instant Quick Start :
    • ★ Quick Start : Instant activation upon order completion: Your account is ready instantly !
    • ★ Free Transfer : Transfer of your account from another cPanel Host with any cost !
    • ★ Free .xyz Domain Name with Annual Payments
    • ★ Unlimited Free SSLs : You will Get Unlimited Free SSLs via LetsEncrypt / AutoSSL
    2. High End Server Hardware :
    • ★ Powerful Servers : Dell/SuperMicro Chasis - Dual Quad Core Xeon E3/E5 CPU Nodes
    • ★ High End : 64 - 128 GB DDR3/DDR4 RAM , Xeon Server with 32 Cores ( Ultra FAST! )
    • ★ RAID : RAID 10 Data Protection with Ultra fast NVMe SSD
    3. Important cPanel Features :
    • Offsite Backup : Off Site Mirror Backups Daily
    • Control Panel : cPanel Control Panel , with latest Paper Lantern Theme [ Demo ]
    • Installer : Softaculous Pro Auto Installer, Once Click Wordpress Installer [ Demo ]
    • SSH Access : Jailed SSh Access is available
    • CDN : CloudFlare Global Content Delivery Network included
    • SEO : Attracta Built-in SEO tools
    • PHP Version Selector : Choose your PHP version between 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3
    • ModSecurity : Protecting your site from attacks without affecting its functionality and performance
    • ★ Unlimited MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL databases
    • ★ PHP modules : GD library, ionCube, XMLRPC, cURL, GeoIP, FFMPEG, qt-faststart, flvtool2, mencoder, mplayer, Η264 streaming module ImageMagick,
    • ★ PHP modules :ZendGuardLoader, Zend Optimizer and much more
    • ★ Site Builder: RV Site Builder Pro w/1000+ Web site Templates
    • ★ Zend Optimizer Support
    • ★ Ioncube Loader Support
    • ★ cURL Library Support
    • ★ GD2 Support
    • ★ Zend Framework Support
    • ★ Softaculous Auto Installer
    • ★ Free SpamExpert SMTP
    • ★ File Manager : Web-enabled File Manager
    • ★ Mail : POP/IMAP/SMTP and Online Webmail
    • ★ Extensions : Ruby on Rails, FrontPage Extensions, Python, etc.
    4. cPanel Resource Allowance :
    • ★ High I/O : Upto 1 - 30 Mb/s ( with Each cPanel )
    • ★ High RAM : 1 - 3 GB of RAM Per cPanel
    • ★ Processes : 20 - 50
    • ★ Bandwidth : Unmetered @ 1 Gbps
    5. Server Security & Backups :
    • ★ Anti Spam : User-level and system-wide spam protection
    • Kernel Security : CloudLinux Kernel - faster performance and security!
    • Virus Protection : Automatic email virus protection
    • ★ ModSecurity : is Included with each cPanel
    • ★ Hardened Servers
    • Daily Offsite Backups
    XiNiX™ : Our Service Level Agreement ( SLA )
    Your website and applications are essential when it comes to the success of your business. At XiNiX we know that if your network or servers are down, you are losing revenue and opportunities. Though a very rare occasion, but if we do fail we have you covered.
    • We offer 99.95% Uptime Guarantee.
    • Its rare, If we ever fall short, You get 20% of your monthly hosting fee back for each 20 minutes of downtime.
    • If downtime exceeds 20 minutes in a particular month, You may request a credit of 20% of your monthly hosting fee for each 20 minutes of downtime, up to a maximum credit of 100% of your monthly hosting fee.

    XiNiX™ : Reseller Hosting Plans / Range & Datacenters :

    We Re offering Two Types of Reseller Hosting Plans.

    A. cPanel + WHM

    These are our Reseller plans with cPanel and WHM. All Plans have Free Blesta Included. Some Plans have Free WHMCS as well.
    You can visit All our cPanel/WHM Reseller Plans Here.
    B. DirectAdmin

    These are our Reseller plans with DirectAdmin Panel. All Plans have Free Blesta Included.
    You can visit All our cPanel/WHM Reseller Plans Here.




    XiNiX Data Center space is located in the city of Las Vegas , Dallas & New York in USA. There is over 64,000 square feet of data center space, here is what you should know about our infrastructure :

    • - We have multiple power and cooling distribution path with only one active and includes redundant components (N+1)
    • - Raised floor and sufficient and distribution to carry load on one path
    • - UPS, Generator, secondary generator
    • - Redundant power sources (A+B)
    • - BGP network with five tier1 providers in different sections to avoid downtime
    • - Water cooled air conditioning and fire suppression
    • - Secured place monitored 24/7/365 by closed circuit camera; security guards surveillance is also 24/7/365 on top of our mantrap, biometric and magnetic card key access

    Apart from USA, we also have DC location in Amsterdam and Dronten , NL and Maidendead , UK , Singapore and India

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